The History of Bethel of Manly

Our history begins when two groups (The Evangelical Association and The Evangelical and Reformed Church) met near Manly over 125 years ago.  But we depend not on a traditional name, but on the strong name of Jesus Christ. Our true heritage is the spiritual vision and deep commitment of those who have worshiped here ever since. These true disciples shared their witness, their prayers, their skills and their resources so that Bethel might go on proclaiming the saving message of Jesus Christ to a needy world. 

Why, out of all the churches in this area, should you try Bethel of Manly?  As pastor at Bethel, I think there are at least three serious reasons. First, we are big for our size.  Second, we are young for our age.  And third, we unite historic truths with modern concerns.  We ARE big for our size.  When you imagine a small town church you might expect a children's event with five or ten kids or a Middle School Youth group of six.  But at Bethel of Manly we have dozens of elementary, intermediate, Middle School and senior highs every Wednesday.  We ARE young for our age. Bethel of Manly has served North Iowa for well over 125 years, but that doesn't mean we are lacking for new ideas. Our worship is blended with praise band leadership on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.  And we enjoy state of the art sound and visual capabilities.  Our plans are modern and we dream of new ways to reach out.  And we DO unite historic truths with modern concerns.  This is a gathering of disciples of Jesus, not a social club.  This is a gathering of disciples of Jesus, not a political organization.  This is a gathering of disciples of Jesus who feel called, empowered and put to work in His world. Big Enough. Young Enough. Historic Enough. Perhaps you might find a place with us here at Bethel of Manly. We would love to meet you!                                     Pastor Don

About Bethel of Manly

The Mission of Bethel of Manly

The mission of Bethel United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The love of God and love of neighbor are essential to providing a place for this transformation. The heart of Christian Ministry is accomplished by welcoming, leading, nurturing and sending out.

Why Bethel of Manly?

The NOW of Bethel of Manly

What some might call the FUTURE of the church we prefer to call the NOW.  Our NOW and our FUTURE intersect every day at Bethel of Manly.  It includes 80 children every Wednesday, sewing groups making school kit bags, choirs, handbells and praise band for all ages and abilities, mission service projects, fellowship in circles and around tables, and (most importantly) a weekly Celebration of Praise and Worship that is both heartfelt and meaningful. We are here NOW and we look to the FUTURE with Christ's own hope!